Thinking about technology

Emerging technology and the integration into the classroom pose a number of issues for 21st Century Educators. The main issues are described as; accountability and the standards movement, funding for educational technology, the digital device (equality of accessibility), misuse, the role of distance education, privacy and safety, malware, viruses, spam, hacking and online plagiarism (Roblyer & Doering, 2014, p. 30).

Also addressing issues that the integration of technology pose for Teachers and 21st century students is the Future Tense podcast; 21st century education. Anthony Funnell refers to his book The Future and Related Nonsense in highlighting the need to “embrace new technologies but to maintain a healthy degree of scepticism at the same time.” His message is “technology doesn’t educate people, people educate people.” And that there is need to ensure educators are adequately trained before new technologies are adopted and introduced into the classroom.

While the issues faced are genuine, and of great concern, they are outweighed by the need to create multiliterate and multimodal citizens, and the requirement of 21st century learning, as Greg Whitby highlights we need to “equip young people to be socially critical and participants in a society that is opening up so rapidly to them” (Mishra, 2012, March 26).

Mishra in his keynote address @ 21st Century Learning Conference – Hong Kong 2012 uses a great metaphor to illustrate the change in contemporary learning and how rapidly information is available. Referring to his own experiences he describes travelling for over hour to borrow books from a library, and the imagery of a slow dripping tap describes how information was once received. The next image shows a group of men holding a large fire hose, water forcefully and powerfully blowing out the water, and this imagery this reflects how rapidly and readily information is currently received. Referred to as the era of “ubiquitous access” (Roblyer & Doering, 2014, p. 39).


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