Planning lessons with technology

At this stage I have no experience teaching, nor have I completed any work placement. My very limited exposure to lesson planning is in the form of assessment tasks which form part of this Masters degree. This lack of teaching experience poses difficulties when trying to self-assess my positioning on the TPACK chart. I lack experience, confident and knowledge to some degree, and all I can say with confidence is that as a pre-service teacher I will activity work towards the centre of the TPACK Venn Diagram reflecting; Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge.

Entering the HISE faculty as a pre-service teacher, I will focused on students critically analyse and appreciate the people, forces, events and ideas that have shaped the modern world (BOSTES, 2017, p. 12). The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) states that learning is enhanced through the use of multimodal resources, digital environments and technologies within a classroom setting. This is achieved through access to live target language environments and texts via digital media, which extends the boundaries of the classroom (ACARA). Extending the boundaries of the classroom promotes student centred learning, as they are not restricted by the texts or content delivered by the teacher. Students are able to construct their own ideas and knowledge through a variety of informative sources. Therefore, it creates critical and creative thinkers, which is an essential component of being a successful 21st century learner.


NSW Board of Studies Teaching and Education Standards [BOSTES]. (2017). Modern History Stage 6 syllabus: NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. Sydney: NSW Board of Studies.


One thought on “Planning lessons with technology”

  1. Thanks for you post and your honest approach as a pre-service teacher. In my own limited experience (one practical placement) I think you are on the right track. I found that students thrived in environments which challenged them and gave them some ownership of content. This involved using multimodal strategies and varied digital resources. I too am working towards the centre of the TPACK Venn diagram.


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